We hereby abide by the rules and regulations of the exhibition terms and conditions without any objection or modification of the original exhibition layout deemed necessary by the organizer.

1. Terms of Reference
The term and conditions set out herein shall be read and construed as an integral part of the contract. In these present terms & Conditions.
The term Exhibitor shall include all employees, servants and agents of any company, partner¬ship firm or individual to whom space has been allocated for the purposes of exhibiting: the term "Exhibition" shall mean the exhibition(s) referred to on the application form: the. term "Organisers" shall mean Bavaria International Exhibitions Corporation and General Exhibitions Corporation: and the term "Contract" shall mean the contract for exhibition space at the Exhibition , entered into between the Organisers and the Exhibitor and which incorporates these present Terms & Conditions which shall be construed as an integral part of the contract.
2. Application for Participation
All applications for participation shall be made on the prescribed application form, which shall be submitted to the Organisers or their authorized representatives (s) on or before the deadline specified on the application form. Applications will be dealt with in the order that they are received, and will con¬stitute the Exhibitor's conformation of participation and acceptance of the terms of contract. The Organisers, though no bound by this Contract to do so, will to the best of their ability attempt to meet the requirements of Exhibitors.
The Organisers reserve the right to accept or refuse any application without disclosing to the Exhibitor any reasons therefore. No Exhibitor may refuse the space which is allotted to him, nor for such reason cancel his participation. If the participation of a prospective Exhibitor cannot be accepted due to lack of available space, the prospective Exhibitor shall not be entitled to claim or receive any compensation.
3. Allocation of Exhibition Space
The Organisers shall allocate the space in accordance with the nature of exhibits or in any man¬ner they may deem fit. The Organisers reserve the right to change the space allocated to the Exhibitor at any time prior to the commencement of the erection of the booth by the Exhibitor and, at the sole discretion of the Organisers to alter the space or transfer or close entrances or exits to the Exhibition facilities and to undertake such structural alterations as they may deem fit. The Exhibitor shall have no right to cancel his participation in the Exhibition nor to claim for compensation as a result of such changes.
4. Use of Exhibition Space
Exhibitors are entitled to exhibit only the announced products and must man the stand or space with competent personnel during the opening hours of the Exhibition. Any articles exhibited with¬out prior authorization may be taken away at the expense and risk of the Exhibitor. Items may not be exhibited outside the limits of the space rented by the Exhibitor. The Exhibitor is responsible for the cleaning, both inside and outside, of his stand (s) or space (s). Cleaning should not be carried out during the opening times of the Exhibition. Failure to observe these reg¬ulations may result in the Organisers taking the steps they consider necessary against offend¬ers, without assuming any responsibility whatsoever for the consequences arising from such violations of regulations.
The Organisers reserve the right to deny any visitor(s) admittance to the Exhibition as a whole or access to any particular stand(s) or space(s) or area(s) within it. Exhibitors are not allowed to sublet or assign the stand(s) or space(s) allotted to them to other parties either wholly or in part without the written consent of the Organisers. Where such consent is given, each Exhibitor on a given stand or space will be jointly and severally liable under the terms of this Contract, and one representative should sign this Contract on behalf of all Exhibitors involved. Exhibitors shall be liable for any damage to the walls or to any part of the Exhibition premises in which their exhibits are placed and shall not paint or otherwise alter the floors, ceilings, pillars or walls without the prior consent of the Organisers.
5. Payment of Participation Fees
a. Advance payment of 30% of the total rental space price to be paid with the submission of the signed participation contract-(Space will be allocated only to exhibitors having effected this payment).
b. Balance to be paid before …………………….. 
c. Exhibitors registering after the specified deadline should pay the total cost of the stand or space reserved on receipt of the corresponding invoice.
d. Failure to comply with the above will result in the Organisers having the right to dispose of the space allocated to the defaulting Exhibitor. Any payment made to the Organisers will not be refunded.
e. All additional facilities requested by the Exhibitor shall be paid for in advance. •
f. No Exhibitor may remove the products and samples from his stand or space until all sums due to the Organisers have been paid. 
g. Payment shall be remitted to the Pavaria International Exhibition Organization Account No. 10758779 with the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Main Branch, P.O.Box 313, Abu Dhabi - UAE.
Telephone (+971 2) 6343000 - Fax (+971 2)6342222, Telex ABDIAEAD.
Egypt republican Arabic (account of number ............ At bank........... Branch (..........
Telephone (+2………..- Fax (+2)…………… Telex……………….
6. Exhibitor Withdrawal & Breach of Contract
Without prejudice to the rights remedies of the Organisers in respect of any breach of the Contract on the part of the Exhibitor, the organizers may at their sole discretion allow the Exhibitor to withdraw form the exhibition subject to the following conditions:
a. If withdrawal is requested before the specified deadline, the Exhibitor shall be liable for the payment of 50% of the total rent, even if the Organisers re-allocate his stand or space to a third party.
b. if withdrawal is requested after the specified deadline, the Exhibitor shall be liable for the FULL payment of the total rent even if the Organisers re-allocate his stand or space to a third party.
c. In case the Exhibitor fails to attend the exhibition for any reason, he shall remain liable for paying for the full amount of the total participation fees.
7. Cancellation of Exhibition
It due to unavoidable circumstances, the Exhibition unable to take place, the Organisers shall not be held responsible and Exhibitors shall not be entitled to any claim or compensation in con¬nection with such cancellation. They shall, however, receive reimbursement of amounts paid by them upon their participation Contract.
8. Changes
The Organisers have the right to modify the duration of the Exhibition or the opening and clos¬ing times thereof. Exhibitors shall not be entitled to any claim or compensation in connection with such modifications.
9. Stand Construction & Decoration
Exhibitors may decorate their stand (s) or space in accordance with the relevant guidelines and instructions issued by the Organisers but only after obtaining written approval by submitting detailed scaled plans in duplicate no less than two months before the Exhibition.
10. Movement of Exhibits
a. Exhibitors shall bear the responsibility and expenses for the transport of exhibits to and from the Exhibition venue.
b. Exhibitors shall make their own arrangements for storage warehousing of their exhibits. 
c. Without prior authorisation from the Organisers, no article may be removed from a stand or space while the Exhibition is in progress, even if the said article has been sold. 
d. Exhibitors shall remove all exhibits from the Exhibition venue within the period stipulated by the Organisers and shall indemnify the organizers against any loss by reason of delay or damage to the Exhibition venue.
11. Security
Exhibitors and their representatives should be present of their stand or spaces at all times dur¬ing the opening hours of the Exhibition. They may not close their stand or space before the appointed time of closing-
12. Fire Regulations
The use of inflammable materials for stand or space decoration is prohibited unless such mate¬rials have been treated with a fire-retarding substance. All heating appliances should be mount¬ed on fire proof stands. All inflammable materials (such as empty boxes and packaging) should be removed immediately from the Exhibitions venue.
13. Insurance, Liability and Risks
a. All Exhibitors shall insure, indemnify and hold the Organisers and the venue owners harm¬less in respect of all costs, claims, demands, and expenses to which they may be subject as a result of less or injury arising to any persons howsoever caused while the said persons are upon or examining or passing the Exhibition stands or spaces, during the tenancy of the Exhibition. The liability or risks of the employees, agents or exhibits shall be the responsibil¬ity of the Exhibitors.
b. All Exhibitors shall insure, indemnify and hold the Organisers and the venue owners harm¬less in respect of all costs, claims, demands and expenses to which they may be subject as a result of cancellation, postponement or partial opening of the Exhibition.
c. All Exhibitors shall obtain all-risks insurance from an insurance company of good standing. In addition all Exhibitors shall obtain third party liability insurance from a local insurance com¬pany of good standing to cover equipment and/or exhibits, whether or nor such articles are their property.
d. The Exhibitor shall produce certificated copies of the insurance policies obtained pursuant hereto.
14. Supplementary Clauses
The Organisers shall have the right, in all circumstances, to issue supplementary regulations, in addition to these present Terms & Conditions, to ensure the smooth management of the Exhibition. Such instructions shall be considered to be an integral part of the Terms of Contract, provided they are give to the Exhibitors in writing The failure to object to any breach of any clause herein by the Organisers shall not constitute agreement to modification of this agreement or a waiver of any subsequent breach of such clauses.
15. General Conditions
a. The Organisers shall have the right to cancel any Exhibitor's participation in the Exhibition if the said Exhibitor contravenes the regulations in any way, and this without the Exhibitor hav¬ing any claim to compensation or reimbursement for any or all financial commitments under¬taken by him and still outstanding to the Organisers.
b. Abu Dhabi Civil Court shall be deemed to be the place of settlement of any disputes that may arise between the Organisers and Exhibitors.
c. The Organisers shall have the discretionary right to sue any Exhibitor before his national court or before any other court.
d. Exhibitors are bound by all any regulations applicable to participants in fairs and exhibitions in the United Arab Emirates and Republic Egypt Arabic
e. U.A.E. and Republic Egypt Arabic Law shall be law of contract between the Exhibitors and Organizers.
16. Regulations
a. Exhibitors undertake to abide by clauses whatsoever set forth by the Organisers herein or in any supplementary document (s) Such clauses will be enforced and are in no way to be regarded as merely commentary. The Organisers are the sole judged, as to the measures to be adopted in respect of the application of the said clauses.
b. By his very participation in the Exhibition, the Exhibitor acknowledges the right of the Organisers, jointly or separately, to take unilateral measures for the defense and protection of the interests of the Exhibition, and of all or some of the Exhibitors: as well as any mea¬sures the Organisers deem useful or necessary to ensure the security of the premises, the exhibitors and the visitors.
17. Force Majeure
The Organisers shall not be responsible for the loss of or damage to any property of the Exhibitor or any other person caused by theft, fire, defect in the Hall , storm , tempest, war, labour dispute, lockout, explosions. Act of God and general causes of FORCE MAJREURE. Whether or not ejusdem generis within the organisers control or for any loss or damage sus¬tained in the event that the opening or holding of the Exhibition is prevented, postponed or aban¬doned or if the exhibition hall becomes totally or partially unavailable for the holding of the Exhibition due to any of the foregoing causes, the Exhibitor shall hold the Organizer safe and harmless from all loss and damage and in no event shall the exhibitor have any claim of dam¬ages compensation of any kind against the Organisers; and if it is impossible to hold the Exhibition as scheduled due to any reason, the already paid monies by the Exhibitor Shall not be refunded unless the organizers decide otherwise refunding the payment after deducting the necessary expenses-
18. On Site Handling and Clearance
The Official Forwarding agent will be the sole contractor in charge of the site handling and clear¬ance services. 

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